Afternoon our café turns into an event venue, and together with our spectacular galley can accommodate between 25-200 people. Wer'e located in a building that used to host weddings and other happy occasions over a hundred years ago! Used to be known as "Café Lorenz", the contemporary Lorenz & Minz is filled with authentic and nostalgic motives combined with contemporary and modern design. We also have a synagogue is available in the compound, for you to use at your event or happy occasion.

In Lorenz & Mintz café you can enjoy top-notch events: Brit milah, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, weddings and more up to 200 guests, with delicious Kosher milk menu rich in tastes and colors, offering fish, hot chef dishes, colorful salads, desserts and addictive flavors and combinations.
Our tables are set with white cotton tablecloths, grey linen napkins, golden cutlery and spotless porcelain dishes, with seasonal flowers centerpieces on each table contributing to a classic, charming look.

The wonderful location, authentic atmosphere, eclectic design and high quality, original cuisine makes Lorenz & Mintz Café the best event venue for all your needs.


Lorentz & Mintz café is located in the authentic and historic Neve Tzedek neighborhood, and offers a superb atmosphere and Kosher milk menu based on Parisian cuisine with a touch of the Galilee. 

We understand good food and exquisite ingredients, and offer a variety of flavors and homemade breakfast available throughout the day:
cheese filled Croque-Madame, Eggs Benedict on handmade brioche bread with hollandaise sauce, traditional Kubaneh bread made from distilled butter, green Galilean Shakshuka, fishermen's croissant with red cured tuna, 
French toast filled with homemade almond cream, summer vegetables and parmesan pasta, gnocchi clouds in truffles cream, artichoke ravioli in cauliflower cream, unique salads and changing specials with a culinary statement.

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Aharon Shlush st. 42, Neve Tzedek | Neve Shechter, Tel-Aviv | +972-3-9018070 | ncm.gourmand@gmail.com

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